0.25mm Endglow Polymer Fibre Optic Cable (1m)

1 metre of single unsheathed polymer optical fibre (fiber) cable, 0.25 mm OD. Full specifications at bottom of page.

Will come supplied on a plastic spool for lengths over 10m. Max spool size is 50m, please contact me for longer lengths.

High quality industrial grade fibre, made from Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) core, coated with Fluorinated Polymer. I am a model maker myself and know it can be difficult to find small lengths of good quality fibre, rather than the cheap "fibre optic christmas tree" standard stuff.

  • Note - The cable is cut from a reel as it is ordered, so you get a single piece of fibre to the length you need. i.e. Order a quantity of 5 and you get one 5 metre fibre.

Ideal for model lighting applications for providing small pinpoints of light where bulbs or LEDs would be too large.

Hundreds of possible uses in models, including:

  • Model train layouts, all scales (N, HO, O etc).
  • Sci Fi models, spaceship windows, running lights.
  • Ship portholes,aircraft lights, car headlights, dashboard lights in vehicles.

Very simple to use: simply shine light in one end of the cable and it comes out the other. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are ideal for this as they are bright and low power. Bundles of fibre can easily be tied together and lit from a single LED. One light could light an entire model!

The cable can be easily cut with a sharp knife to any length you need, and is flexible, so will bend around corners. Minimum bend radius of 5 mm is recommended otherwise the cable could be damaged.

Technical Specifications:

    • Refractive Index = 1.49
    • Numerical Aperture = 0.5
    • Operating temperature = -55 to +70 deg C
    • Minimum bend radius = 5 mm
    • Transmission Loss = 350 dB/km